GLUMP Industries
     126 EZ Lane
     Omegant, AP 51947
Welcome to GLUMP industries.

Welcome to GLUMP industries. We offer a wide selection of products ranging from Nuclear Glump to Hacker Glump. More products can be viewed on our product website. These products also come with a wide array of accessories. GLUMP is very focused on our customers and offer award winning support. Download upgrades for your Glump or look over some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). GLUMP has a long history of helping customers meet their Glump needs. Our staff has helped design and develop the great Glump products we offer and continue to work on new GLUMP technologies to improve your Glump experience. Please contact us if you have any questions

Featzured Product:

Hacker Glump
Designed for lonely computer geeks to have a gaming/coding companion. Also bought by parents to watch over their computer geek child.

  • Extensive knowledge of every Windows operating system
  • Typing speed of 120 words per minute
  • Weighs only 100 lbs
  • Matrix type sunglasses
  • $599.99