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1. Determine which download you want. If you are unsure, take your best guess. All downloads are sure to be great enhancements to your Glump product.
2. Check your Glump version by looking at the tag on it's left foot.
3. Select the files you would like to download.
4. Click "Download"

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Date: 9/11/01
Language: English
Version: G1.A
Special Forces Expansion Pack
  • SCUBA certification
  • Includes Silencer and Garat
  • Size: 56.0Gb

    GI JOE Glump Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Glump wants to surrender.

    Glumps are known to do this. This problem will be fixed in future versions of GI JOE Glump.
  • My Glump won't stop talking about safety tips.

    GI JOE Glump has been deeply influanced by the television series and feels it's his moral duty to provide safety tips.
  • My Glump is out of ammo.

    GI JOE glump can take normal ammunition that you can buy at your local Walmart.
    Special mean ammunition can be bought through GLUMP.