GLUMP Industries
     126 EZ Lane
     Omegant, AP 51947
The History of GLUMP industries.

1968 saw the birth of the Glump. He was debuted the next year to be the mascot of the Meanest Man On Campus (MMOC) contest in 1969 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). He held a beer mug in one hand, and a 'tute screw in the other. During recent years, we had a Glump made of PVC, chicken wire and paper mache. During Grand Marshall week (the week when student government officers are voted for) brothers would put on the Glump and walk around campus advertising for MMOC.

Throughout the years, many brothers have used the Glump as a symbol of true meanness. The Glump remained exclusive to the brothers of the Epsilon Zeta chapter of Alpha Phi Omega for many years.

In 2003, JJ Rivera and Dustin Kirk decided to make the Glump available to the general public. With approval of the Epsilon Zeta chapter, the pair set off on a mission to make the Glump suitable for any person. Development of a Glump product line was done in a record time of one month.

GLUMP industries have taken the inspiration of the founders in new levels. Expansion packs and accessories make each Glump customizable. The Support Center increases the safety in Glump ownership. Current projects include a Glump for industry and military use and a mini-Glump for consumers without much living space.

Our Staff:

JJ Rivera: ( CEO ) JJ Rivera is a dual major in Physics and Psychology at Rensselear Polytechnic Institute (RPI). She pledged Alpha Phi Omega in the spring of 2002. JJ has been inventing since she was young. However, when her snowball auto-cannon failed to make the open market, JJ took some time to think of a product that would truly make an impact. The spark of inspiration came during the Grand Marshall week of 2003. JJ saw that many of the RPI students didn't see the Glump for a symbol of meanness and questioned why it was around. That day JJ made a vow to show the world what the Glump was and allow any person to share in the joy of meanness.

Dustin Kirk: ( R&D Lead ) Dustin Kirk studies Computer Science & Psychology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). An entrepreneur at heart, Dustin has started many ventures and is known to be very successful. Combining his knowledge of technology and people, he was a key to the research and development of Glump innovations. Dustin still works in R&D to develop new hi-tech Glump accessories and inventions to further GLUMP industries.