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Download Instructions:
1. Determine which download you want. If you are unsure, take your best guess. All downloads are sure to be great enhancements to your Glump product.
2. Check your Glump version by looking at the tag on it's left foot.
3. Select the files you would like to download.
4. Click "Download"

Note: By downloading GLUMP software and upgrades, you agree the terms & conditions outlined on your GLUMP product packaging. Upgrade names are arbitrary and may or may not reflect the true effect of the download.

Date: 10/1/03
Language: English
Version: G1.A
Dirty Bomb Expansion Pack
  • Cheap and Affordable fun.
  • One Pack lasts for decades.
  • Free press release included.
  • Size: 32.4Gb

    Date: 5/11/02
    Language: English
    Version: G1.A
    Radiation Shielding Expansion Pack
  • Allows Nuclear Glump to be taken out of his cooling tower for 8 hours a day.
  • Reduces probability of explosion by 50%.
  • Size: 10.2Gb

    Nuclear Glump Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my Glump exploded!?!

    Put on the nuclear radiation suit included with your Glump.
    Call your local hazmat team.
  • Can I cook potatos with my Glump?

    Of course! Nuclear Glump comes with a built in nuclear microwave.
    WARNING: Leaving foodstuff in Nuclear Glump for a prolonged period of time will irradiate the food. Do not eat food that has been in Nuclear Glump for longer than 5 minutes. If food is in Nuclear Glump for longer than 10 minutes it must be disposed as toxic waste.
  • Can I take my Glump out of his cooling tower?

    Yes, Nuclear Glump is made with radiation retaining materials.
    You can take Nuclear Glump out of his cooling tower for up to 4 hours a day.
    You can play with your Nuclear Glump in his cooling tower while wearing the included radiation suit.