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1. Determine which download you want. If you are unsure, take your best guess. All downloads are sure to be great enhancements to your Glump product.
2. Check your Glump version by looking at the tag on it's left foot.
3. Select the files you would like to download.
4. Click "Download"

Note: By downloading GLUMP software and upgrades, you agree the terms & conditions outlined on your GLUMP product packaging. Upgrade names are arbitrary and may or may not reflect the true effect of the download.

Date: 5/10/03
Language: English
Version: G2.A
Tarzan Expansion Pack
  • He'll learn how to swing from vine to vine.
  • He can wear a loincloth without looking dumb.
  • Size: 2.4Mb

    Safari Glump Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Glump won't stop playing with the elephants.

    Safari Glump comes house trained however, it can revert to it's wild tendancies.
    In such an occasion, a bit of training and discipline is needed.
    Use our Nice Spray to teach your Glump to behave.