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Welcome to the Glump Support Center. Please use the following resources to identify problems, repair, and upgrade your GLUMP product.

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Glump Install Guide
Installation is just two easy steps:
1) Take your new Glump out of his shipping box.
2) Pull out the tab that is marked "Pull To Wake Up"
    The tab is located where the left ear would be.
    NOTE: Pulling out the tab makes your Glump un-returnable.
Treat your Glump as a member of your household. He needs love and attention just like any other living creature.

Every Glump likes to eat with the family at breakfast and dinnertime.
Glump can be left alone at home. They have basic cooking skills to make themselves lunch.
NOTE: Nuclear Glump comes with it's own power supply so it does not need to eat. However, Nuclear Glump does enjoy the taste of food.

Every Glump is potty trained. A Glump will shower twice a week or anytime it gets really dirty.
A Glump will need to brush it's teeth after every meal. Special toothbrushes are available through GLUMP. A Glump can use normal toothpaste though gel toothpaste is recommended.

Your Glump will need a tune up every six months to ensure a problem-free lifetime.

Every GLUMP article of clothing is made with 100% cotton. Wash GLUMP clothing in normal detergent without bleach.

General Glump Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does my Glump leak fluids?

    Glumps need to be tuned up every year.
    Leaking fluids is an indication that your Glump is in need of a tune-up.
  • Why is it blue?

    Your Glump has reverted to its natural color.
    This is a common problem and is fixed by reinstalling the specialization software.
  • Why does it need to be fed?

    Each glump, except Nuclear Glump, needs food to survive.
    Just like other animals, Glumps expend energy throughout the day.
  • Can I name my Glump Diesel?

    You may name your Glump whatever you choose.
    WARNING: Giving the Glump the name "Alfred Philip Omegant Glump" will cause your Glump to perform many hours of community service.