Experimental Methods
     and Statistics
Date: Fall Semester 2002
  • Experiment Design
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Compilation
  • Data Interpretation
    Team Members:
  • Kristin Celentano
  • Jaime Elving
  • John Puccino
  • Dustin Kirk
  • Course Portfolio
  • kirkd@alum.rpi.edu

  • Course Description
    Experimental Methods & Statistics provides an introduction to basic methods of psychological research and the use of statistics to interpret psychological data. Students participate in several experiments and prepare written reports. Topics include experimental design, data collection and analysis, and communication of results.

    Our Project
    Our team has completed several assignments throughout this course, and for our final project decided to focus on determining whether written messages, such as instant messaging and e-mail, convey the tones and emotions of the message as effectively as verbal messages. The project consisted of preparing a research method, conducting studies, inturpreting the results, and a final document describing our work. These are all available in our portfolio.
  • Recieved first-hand experience in user-testing and prototyping
  • Developed a concrete idea ready for development
  • Became a tight-nit team and still keep in touch

  • Course Portfolio