Visual Basic Games
Date: 1999
  • Visual Basic
  • Connect Four (.zip)
  • Mastermind (.zip)

  • In The Beginning
    After starting to program in 9th Grade, I have since taken many courses to deepen my knowledge of C++, Visual Basic, and other programming languages. I began by teaching myself Visual Basic and have since earned a B.S. in Computer Science & Psychology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. I have learned a variety of laungages including C++, COBOL, ML, LISP, and many more. Although coding is not my concentration, it has been very useful and enables me to learn new languages extremely fast.

    Mind Games
    I have always enjoyed mind games, so here are two games I have recreated. I have made these freely available for downlaod.

    Connect Four (.zip)

    Mastermind (.zip)