Design Studio - HCI
Date: Spring Semester 2002
  • User Observations
  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Task Flow Diagrams
  • Paper Prototyping
    Team Members:
  • Deepika Singh
  • Iris Rivera
  • Dustin Kirk
  • Final Design Document (.doc) 6.7M

  • Design as a team
    While taking an HCI course at Rensselaer teams were asked to develop an HCI solution. Check out our progress from concept to prototype.

    I worked with other team members Iris M. Rivera and Deepika V. Singh to develop a Human Computer Interaction which solved a problem we felt such an interaction could help. Our team chose to improve ergonomics in the work-place. Over the entire semester we progressed from concept to prototype and turned in deliverables such as memos, presentations, and prototypes. For further details of this project view the project document located on the left.

  • Recieved first-hand experience in user-testing and prototyping
  • Developed a concrete idea ready for development
  • Became a tight-nit team and still keep in touch

  • Final Design Document (.doc) 6.7M