MITRE - Summer Internship
Date: June - Aug 2003
  • UML
  • Flash MX
  • Actionscript
  • User Observations
  • Task Flow Diagrams
  • Iteritive Design Process
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • 1. Analyze MITRE's internal meeting practices.
    2. Design a new system that enhances the meeting processes.
    3. Create rapid prototype implementing a piece of the new system.
    MITRE Overview
    MITRE is not-for-profit organization that provides consulting services for the government. Additionally MITRE conducts research and development on projects in their sponsor's interest. This involves investigation into new technologies, and prototyping systems to demonstrate a potential use in the field. MITRE works with such organizations as the IRS, FAA, DoD, and others. Within MITRE each project has a sponsor. Project teams work closely with their sponsor whether it be internal or external to accomplish the project's goals.
    Project Overview
    As an intern at MITRE I was tasked with analyzing current meeting processes, designing a solution, and finally prototyping the solution. The meeting processes in the scope of this project range from the scheduling of meetings, setting up meetings, meeting facilitation, and post-meeting processing. By observing and interviewing current employees I was able to rapidly discover the areas that needed improvement. These areas were documented as I created flow diagrams to illustrate processes and explain them to others. When designing the solution these diagrams proved to be a valuable resource an enabled me to consider all aspects of the meeting process. The solution developed utilized existing banks of information in the company to streamline the entire process. After proposing the solution, a team was formed to develop a prototype. We demonstrated 90% of the functionality before the end of my internship.

  • Meeting scheduling was reduced from four tools to one.
  • Pre-Meeting set-up was reduced from 15min - 0min
  • Connected VTCs, NetMeeting, & Conference Calls automatically.
  • Existing company data was utilized eliminating data duplication